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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there, awesome person! nice you stop at my page :D

I`m Sprinkle, Sprinklehearth, Noor or just a crazy person who loves, loves, looooves
to draw (mostly cats) and Animate.

I don`t really have a animation programm (yet), maybe I get one :happybounce:

for me is drawing more than a hobby, it`s escape from REALITY .

If you want to ask me something, ask me :)
I love making new friends :D



So the last days I didn`t submit anything and didn`t do much :`P

Well school starts next week and I had to prepare everything, plus my friend`s B-day is tomorrow.
I`m drawing really much just on paper and practiced a lot. Every time I saw a white paper my hand starts to tingle... it`s a problem...

But I didn`t know if you guys like to see some paper artwork :/

I think the next days I won`t really submit anything until I get everything for school done (except you want to see some paper art)

Sooo when I finished with everything I maybe will do a Warrior Cats 30 days challenge :D 
I`m not shure if I will complete the challenge but I will try my best!
  • Listening to: Choromatsu screams
  • Reading: subtitels
  • Watching: Osomatsu-san
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: soda
Sandbreeze refernce updated by Sprinklehearth
Sandbreeze refernce updated
Kit: Sandkit
Apprentice: Sandpaw
Warrior: Sandbreeze

30.5 moons



Mother: Goldspeckle
Siblings: Thunderheart 
Mate: /

Kits: / 

Sandbreeze is really kind. She want always help her clanmates and never wants to be mean.
She want always the best for her clan, thats because she is very loyal, and do everything to protect the clan.
Sandbreeze often tells funny jokes in bad sitiuations or just for fun. She loves to see cats laughing.
But she is really foolish and everything what she think is right she would do it.
(She likes to help Med-cats).

Kit: When she was a kit, she and her brother Thunderkit loved to hear Story`s about the clan (what happening in the past) her mother Goldspeckle tell them the story`s. Sandkit was really shy when she was a kit, but loves adventures sooo much. Her father Lightningblaze played always with his kits and tell him story`s,too. But just about how strong he is because he protect the clan from foxes.
Sandkit now, that she would like to be the best warrior her clan ever seen.
Apprentice: her mentor Raincloud was really strict but funny. Sandpaw trained a lot and her parents was really proud of her. When she trained hunting the first time, she makes everything right and Raincloud was really suprised.
Sandpaw was a really good hunter.

Warrior: Sandpaw becomes to Sandbreeze and one night after she becomes a Warrior she heard a noise. She went out
to look what it was. Suddenly a big badger comes out the dark. Sandbreeze was very suprised because badgers didn`t come to the mountains but the badger see her and lift his big black paw! Something threw Sandbreeze by side and she heard a loud krack. Sandbreeze was shocked. Raincloud have saved her live! But he don`t stand up. She want to run to him but the badger was in her way. She jumped brave on the badgers back and bite him in his neck. The badger hiss and fell to the ground. He was dead. Sandbreeze ran to Raincloud. His eyes was closed and he don`t breathe anymore.
Sandbreeze now he was dead, too. She heard quite noises and feel a pelt by her side. It was her mother Goldspeckle.
The rest of the clan was there, too. And every one was sad.
From these Day Sandbreeze now that she never want to lose her Clan and her clanmates and she will always protect them. With her live.

Deputy: /
Leader: /
Elder: /

Height: Average height
Build: small and strong, have strong hind legs
Fur Texture: 
Neat and sleek 
Voice: N/A
Extras: N/A

Apprentice and teacher by Sprinklehearth
Apprentice and teacher
let`s go training he said, it will be great he said...

Finally it`s here! I`m sO Sorry for submit it so late! :sad:  

Briarpaw (the cute one) belongs to :iconravenpawwarriorcats:
Mouseclaw (the lazy one) belongs to me.

for: :iconclansofashforest:
Sooo, Yeah... A few days ago my tablet started to stuck. First I thought it was my PC but it wasn`t :I

I bought a new one from wacom, too -> Intuos Comic small :D
It has the program Clip Studio Paint :happybounce: 

Well, I think my parents didn`t know about that.

I wrote a journal about, I get paint tool sai (I didn`t really start with it) 

So for know, I have 3 programs, GIMP, Paint tool sai and Clip Studio Paint

Yesterday my parents bought me PHOTOSHOP!!! Photoshop CS6!

I was like WHAAAAAT WTF!

I told my parents about Clip Studio Paint, and they like:"good for you, now you have 4 drawing programs."

So know I have Photoshop... (La la la la La la la la La la la la )

finally some luck!
  • Listening to: My little sisters screams
  • Reading: subtitels
  • Watching: Osomatsu-san
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: soda

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